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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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jim lazarus couldn't stay i want to read a letter in the chamber of commerce as the work level continues to grow it is essentially, we expand our system with the growth slate to occur in the ed of the city and the t line connecting fisherman's wharf to moscone center makes sense and it will remove transit from the congested streets and will help with the connectivity. >> thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> i'm steven tobacco eerie have a couple of 3 capacities for the last 8 years i've been spurs spokeswoman in favor of the phase two of this project
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i'm currently the chairman of the transportation of the russian hill neighbors i this by far the largest neighborhood association in the service area of the phase 3 project spur support did phase two project and we're proud we had a major kroichl it/have not been designed to stop at chinatown it implicit makes sense from a prospective to have this enable stopping one stop away it from a major interchange and not serving a residential concentration in the northern part of the city so we're enthusiastic the importance of this extension extension is part of the four corridors plan it has been stated earlier our northeast
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residential neighborhood have a serious transportation issue i assume you are aware of we have high indents and low automobile ownership yet low transit rider shvp people using it as 32 percent as a whole we had 40 perris but our transit trips are equivalent to the speed of walking that will make a great contribution to the city's rail system and we emphasize you do whatever to get the theatre site that's an essential thing for the project to move forward thank you.
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>> (calling names.) >> good afternoon, sir. >> hello gentlemen and ladies i'm bill schwartz a resident of dog patch and i'm here to say that the loathing of the loop around 18th and 19th and illinois street is a very bad location to place the loop dog patch is changed so dramatically over the years since this was first planned in the late 90s i think willingly character war the most valuable player around that time it's a huge difference that's taken place there's three to four hundred cement trucks coming down the streets and bicycles we've become a bicycle city to put those two giant trains on illinois street which has become
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a residential street dog patch was once an industrial warehouse area there are new industrial business district south of 18th and 19th that won't be served so to speak as they run south the warriors are new in the area we're asking for new schools along the turn we're asking for as the sfmta to re-evaluate to seriously take a second look 83 at what this choice of a location that's what we're asking for. not just a casual oh, yeah, this looks like it will have a pothole here or interest it's not been given a serious assessment as to whether this
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1997 or 8 decision still makes sen sense. >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> good morning, everyone. it was oufbs e obese when it was first started in discussion it couldn't stop at chinatown now your given a choice of why and how you go to fisherman's wharf part of the study they didn't mention was a discussion of going west this should be done at the same level of competitiveness maybe it's right to go underground on union street to the presidio that should be considered just as equally maybe it may work but you have to be more far sighed look a your part of the discussion i read will the
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complaining about the stations in chinatown already their complaining you did that change rather than two or three car changes to save and nickel this is a preempt preempt preempt consider going west to lombardy whatever works best but don't cut this thing short if you look at going you're getting into a discussion of how to get to fisherman's wharf by how do we serve the most people in san francisco maybe we finally get the benefits of isn't it true a light rail or subway system it decreases the need for transit and get rid of the 45 on union so you have all those things to consider and you should do it with consideration and daily the same detail go back and expand
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the study and do it in the seem detail thank you very much. >> thank you it up. >> (calling names) those are the last two people. >> howard wong s with safe mini transportation is our focus extra san francisco as 20 percent of ridership when they decided to eliminate their subway program and went to a transit preferential street program they created a world-class transit ridership integrated system the report you saw that's been heavily lobbied for for several years by the development interests and business interests that have the political connections and consultants the average citizen
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and transit rider didn't we don't think you and others to look at the boarder interests the citizenry how do we achieve higher transit for everyone in every neighborhood currently if you look at world transit and national trends they're a nexus but which transit is being improved in other city like the free chivalry system in baltimore and denver and aspen and long beach interesting funding models huge ridership gains when we proposed that this study take a look at some of the interesting concepts the staff of the sfmta immediately changed the study and said oh, it's not a permeate
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but a concept there ever they didn't have to look at each time so it's a $173 marketing instrument and the mta grant police station please look at other concepts and initiate a hundred thousand dollars study for the shuttle users. >> thank you km and he's the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon. i'm the executive director of the fisherman's wharf representing the merchants in the fisherman's wharf district i'm concerned about the discussion we've had a survey i want to share the results they directly result to the t line the fisherman's wharf has been xefrns difficulty getting their workers to and from work a letter i found from
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peer 39 with when the center opened there was a mass exodus and american people employee getting to work and getting to bart before the last train runs in the evening the merchant the survey is ongoing we've had 48 merchants respond and at this point they shared they've curling lost 2 hundred and 31 employees for transportation issues and 19 of the businesses shared their employee staffs and those 19 businesses have 6 hundred and 7 employees they currently have empty positions they can't attract people to the job the times are from 6 to 10 in the morning which seems to stem from overcrowding buses and streetcar that was the issue
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they cited with the increasing rents driving people to the suburbans the loss of the number ten bus and the anticipated law firms service we expect expect the problems to get worse i want to encourage a discussion we want to support and see more movement in looking at the t line thank you thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> directors i'm julie i was co-chair with sieving steve workshop and member of the next stop i want to thank the folks for not only they're performing by their enthusiasm for this project it was very welcome we're glad to see the f a ts for the project to take its
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place among the prongs my message is 3 things whereon this is my first subway let's build a subway without excuses and implications and caveats and regulates secondly, let's support our mature neighborhood with this rush of playing with funding of the transportation to support that housing and those jobs let's not forget your mature neighborhood none of us would support suburban sprawl but we expand and north beach intellect 3 is the cradle of san francisco our city began in those are neighborhoods we're choked unless the congestion can be removed from the streets with
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thirdly, let's plan the planning department is looking at the con radicals where the mta's mta we've got a 10 foot square feet place in north beach regardless of where in the cue it the cheaper and easier down the line help us take our right fill place and support in project in a fair position among the other projects and second help us to encourage the land use decisions to make that more feasible and economical in the future it's easy to explain why to build the subway and hard to explain it not to be built. >> members of the board have questions or comments. >> thank you all very much and congratulations on an informative for the and looking
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forward to seeing this process unfold it is good to see you all coming together from the different agencies i appreciate that that's the kind of collaborative effort we need to see more of i really like the idea of better connections to fisherman's wharf and the marina i want to emphasize there's a need for the subway going to chinatown it is there's a serious level of indents on the thirty stockton f of it stopped anothers chinatown i want to get away from the idea a train to no where it didn't make sense to stop there it's a critical line to get to as fast as it has come and is now it
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makes sense to extend it for sure i want to - i certainly support the idea of continuing to explore and talk about that particularly from the prospective that we are a city that is continuing to be one of the most attractive places to live in the world everybody talks about paris we all love paris paris has a wonderful metropolitan subway underground and comparing the performances from a subway versus on the street i would be inclined to think the subway is going to get more use it will most faster and not be caught up in the affiliation from the street activity that happens in the street i think while it is interesting to entertain the idea of a
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shuttle in the interim but the reality it there is such a demand already i'm confident that a loop our shuttle system as mr. wong suggested would be quickly overwhelmed and we kind of have that going roadway with the transit system with the busses it's at capacity we need to close off the streets to private vehicles to move people in that way i don't see that happening i also like what mr. stras in her said let's keep going i will entertain looking at that as well i understand we have to be realistic with the someone said it doesn't include the cost the trains it's going to require
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more i think those are big hefty prices tags i hope ultimately we put together a project that's within reach of the expense so from the fta saying this will give us a lot of return i support continuing to vet out what the best roultd options and he support it. >> i'm sorry in the report it was talking about positions and there was a reference to the e line definitely it said like it was coming on line in the next few years i was getting questions about the t e t line is that considered one? in our with the budget you've
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approved last year or earlier this year that's our intent to start e line services on the weekend this summary of 2015 address full service the year 2016 that's the plan at the time of the budget was approved we're still kind of working with that staffing and vehicle issues to make sure we can do that that the last i know that was a plan weekend 2015 and summer of 234i78 >> question to the report thanks for a great report i actually went through it was exciting i'm impatient this is driving me crazy was wondering in terms of i guess i have a impression of the relationship between the 2015 deadline and i
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don't know what that date signifies but we can't do anything further without you additional environmental process like the i guess in terms of the next step this is for the studies but the may 2016 study there maybe an immediate. >> so really this board approved two year lease that exteriors in may of 2015 and approved for the purpose of giving us a place to build a shaft to retrieve supplies that will take us two years so come may 2015 if anyone else happens
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we hand the keys back to the property owner and he don't what he does he has entitlements dating back to 2009 he's indicated he is indeed ready to move forward and now with that, after asking you the entitlements the recession came but times have changed now so what according to our lease as paul mentioned we should the property owner decide he wants to sell we the city has the first right of refusal we don't know whether or not he has any interest but more importantly we don't have a funding or the environmental clearance we'll need that will endanger us within the transit
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agency to purchase the property it has to be for transportation purpose we have no approved environmental clearance so honestly, i think our options at the agency are pretty limited the options at the city are somewhat limited as well you don't know i don't think the city fully has the means to be able to go through a process to secure that property on simple support notice that didn't mean or preclude confections between the city and property owner or other private persons and the property owner from happening i know that was a big response but it is not anything we'll be able to do but turn back the site at the end of the lease as intended
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the value of having the site available for construction is that the construction will take place with less disruption to the public right-of-way that's kind of akin to how we're building chinatown station with the public right-of-way with the traffic continuing to flow on stockton street the aflt is to union square where the traffic is not flowing and we're building in the middle of it it the latter would be more disrupt active and cheaper so the advantage of building from the site is really doing so without the disruption it also could potentially provide some of the fingertip for a station through based the study it is less of the case the bigger challenge is you know
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there's not i don't think a realistic scenario whereby and advantage the project the design and funding lined up and any reasonably near term future to take a site slated for housing and leave it unbuilt and leave the neighborhood with an unbuilt site with a decade or more i'm not sure this is - it's possible to be temporary possibility for the site it's complicated i don't see the path forever that happening readily. >> i have a question it sat vacant for a long time so are
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there active it's been so long i wasn't planning an approving the modification i feel like their entitlements will have to be renewed but it seems like i don't know. i do think anyone knows that obviously the entitlement makes it more valuable then the value of the land i got the sense the prove or disprove was very open to the idea of the city moving forward with doing something there there i don't know in our conversations. >> there's definitely been conversations as the state of the entitlement i believe them to be active i don't want to speak to the planning or the property owner about emphasis tensions or willingness of we were willing to sell today
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depending on the status of the intimate through needs to be a funding source for buying property it's not clear what the path is for a public purchase. >> i'm excited about this when i came for planning to certify the eir we were disappointed we didn't study the dance at least we would be in a better position for the allocation of thousands of dollars theirs not an existing environmental review so it makes it for dmaktd it makes sense to have this extension it is a no brainier for the city that is disconnected for the electrons options when you live in that part of town it was a
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bear to get to and from work you know when i hear the complaints about muni it's from my friends that live in that part of town and some people drive instead of taking transit obviously i live on the market street corridor so get to that part of town is existing i guess the only question i'm supportive and love to see this but how we've had those issues about endearing and the bart and the western connection but prioritizing to make sure we do all of those i think that the important that the western side of the city gets that faster transit connection as well and do at least a good service that work well but i know that geary
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brt has been on the agenda for a long time i don't feel like i know where that is going. >> the more gentle answer really came in the last slide a number of processes underway or starting to feed into that this is where the perspire insulin happens it is looking at where the growth needs on our high ridership corridors looking at 2040 will our capacity strategy will feed into that and that will start to prioritize the city's needs that will feed into the regional transportation plan geary brt is advancing we're going this month to the ta for the ta commission for a funding
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request we have a near term improvements strategy that will bring the improvements and advances that the full brt build out we'll start seeing improvements in the next year within the full project provided we'll identify the funding to follow it does have a pretty big unfunded component and every other good idea and part of what we'll be planning the planning processes where the current and future demand and we tomato make sure we're adequately serving the neighborhood we have a tremendous amount of work and we need to serve that growth and obviously that was geary in that area they're not growing in the same was if the indents and you
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know so connection with the t line is exactly where it's happening my final thoughts in terms of a final way it is itch more expensive if we can prioritize that there is obviously the speed that makes people choose to ride transit over other forms of getting around if we could do subway we can make sure that line is successful than doing on a surface level train on an hour. >> thank you just briefly great report it's fascinating to read my take away i was pleased to see the requiredship estimates that pencils out better than the regional projects that have been built in the encouraging to see i think it hadn't curved about
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the warriors arena and this connection that comes so close to connect that event venue with that whole side of the city and i'm reminded of the map you presented to us the expected growth in retains and jobs across the city so it seems like this is going to do a really good job connecting that i agree with the gentleman we should that big on that since we're in the planning stage and if our regret if we have arrhythmia with central subway we didn't think far enough and we've learned this is going to take a coordinated city effort we know how much our voters value the


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